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September Weather

September 14th, 2007 · No Comments

Wow, the weather’s really turned now.  Fall has come so quickly this year – it’s only mid-September, but already the leaves are starting to turn here in Ottawa.  Red hues are mingling with the green and yellow.

Plus, with the thermostat now hanging out in the low teens, and single digits at night, out come the jackets and woolly socks, while the tank tops and flip flops are put away for another year. Fall has definitely arrived!

While many in Ottawa know that these shorter days and colder nights are only foreshadowing towards the ominous Winter, there are certainly a few perks to Autumn that we all look forward to and enjoy.

Now that Labour Day is over, (the last great summer holiday, and official end to summer), I for one cannot wait for Thanksgiving (this year on October 8th), and then you have Halloween, and of course we like to celebrate Guy Fawkes (Bon Fire Night) with all those Brit-Ex pats too!

But until the turkey and pumpkin pie get’s here, we as might as well enjoy everything that September has to offer. For sure, you need to grab a cup of something steamy from Tim Horton’s (the coffee and donut place, for the unitiated!) and take time to do the always fun (and romantic) albeit clichéd, walk through the park/forest/street and admire those Fall trees with their beautiful, multi-coloured leaves. 

A place in the city that is really worth a visit in September is the park near Somerset and Lyon. Also, Britannia Bay (at the end of Pinecrest, near Richmond). Beautiful spots. 

If you’re looking for more of a natural setting for the traditional Fall walk, there’s some great hiking just off of Hunt Club, in the west end (where Hunt Club meets Richmond). There are a few parking lots along the road there, and then onto Richmond that give access to the trails within these official preserved areas that belong to the City of Ottawa.

Of course, determining when the leaves will completely change colour is a lot like determining when the cherry-blossom season in Japan will take place. (ie: not easy) There are no hard and fast rules. Though, it must be said that, as of today, I’ve seen at least a dozen trees already in bright orange, red and yellow, so it’s already beginning here in the capital. 🙂

For the ultimate walk, however, hop in your car for a short drive to check out the town of Merrickville, about 30 minutes from Ottawa.  Wandering the main street and admiring the changing leaves by the Rideau canal is an experience that can’t be beat. 

So, while September signals a lot of not so fun things starting (back to school, shorter days, colder weather, winter just around the corner), it would be a shame to focus on so much of that, as then you might miss the up-side to this Autumn season.

Enjoy the leaves…

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